Monday, November 18, 2013

I Give Thanks For...

I give thanks for when Gwyneth Paltrow issues her Holiday Guide every year on GOOP, which includes some of the most fabulous items for those who aren't, you know, ordinarily inclined (i.e., normal).

Thanks, Paltrow, for all these really great suggestions. I'm going to run right out and order a pink slingshot right now {ka-ching, $120}. She is a crackpot.

This list and commentary is from E! Online. Even they think it's stupid:

10. Hermes Deck of Cards ($105) -- Yes, even Gwyneth's playing cards are designer.

9. George Jensen Double Candle Holder ($725) -- Not your average stainless steel.

8. Kimberly McDonald Geode Paperweight ($175) -- Because your paperweight really needs a geode in it.

7. Malle W. Trousseau Kitchen Set ($5,800) -- Isn't this more like the cost of renovating your entire kitchen?

6. Bespoke Global "Old School" Leather Football ($130) -- Gwyneth is all about the monogrammed items this year, including this leather football that can be monogrammed with a logo or initials -- because that's what the guy in your life really wants -- a football with his initials on it.

5. Hillier Paperclip Necklaces ($1,624) -- So a necklace shaped to look like a cheap paperclip costs well over a grand?

4. Seletti 'Vegaz' Light-Up Letter Tabletop Ornament ($512.50 -- $637.50) -- Decorating your room Vegas-style cheesy just got a whole lot more expensive.

3. Bespoke Home Monogrammed Linens Set ($1,209) -- Do not wipe your mouths with these.

2. Olivia Von Halle Silk PJs monogrammed with three 3 letters ($1,093.50) -- These better be the comfiest pajamas ever.

1. 72 Editions Neon Pink Slingshot ($120) -- Clearly not the most expensive item on the list, but a pink slingshot?! Seriously?!

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Earl said...

Those of us in Cleveland think you high pulutan folks in Portland are the best examples of dualism we know.